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Automotive Coverage for Collision, Theft, and More in Brampto

From Halifax to Vancouver and everywhere in between, all provinces and territories in Canada require that drivers be protected by automotive insurance to keep the roads safe. Because it is against the law to drive without adequate insurance for your vehicle, it can be easy to rush into an insurance plan without doing the proper research and gaining the proper knowledge to make an informed decision. Protect yourself with the right auto insurance plan for your needs with the brokers at H T Wilson’s Insurance Service in Brampton.



Unlike other provinces, the automotive insurance industry in Ontario is highly competitive, as it is provided by the private sector, not a crown corporation. We work with auto insurance providers throughout the province to help protect you and your vehicle from theft, collisions, personal injuries, and property damage with the right coverage, at a reasonable rate. Even if you’re a high-risk or new driver, we can help you navigate the complicated waters of the automotive insurance industry to find the right coverage.


Call us today to learn more about our automotive insurance products and to book an appointment at our Brampton office.

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Bundle home, auto and business insurance and save up to 25%!

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